The Challenge

A website was required to meet the needs of the newly formed Ontario Molecular Pathology Research Network (OMPRN), a province-wide network of pathologists collaborating to carry out high-quality cancer research. The OMPRN wanted to integrate the resources dispersed across the province in order to grow molecular pathology research capability in Ontario.

The three main website objectives were:
  1. Connect Ontario pathologists looking to collaborate,

  2. Help pathologists access research facilities around the province and,

  3. Facilitate discovery and application to funding opportunities.

It was important to our collaborators that researchers be able to easily navigate to information of interest, applying for funding opportunities and sign up for training at upcoming workshops. The website also needed to be mobile friendly to accommodate the busy lifestyles of researchers who are frequently traveling.

"It has been my pleasure working with the OICR WebDev team on the OMPRN website. Joseph Yamada and his team are approachable, collaborative, and exceedingly helpful. WebDev and monthly hosting fees are also very reasonable. Overall, I appreciate the valuable work done for OMPRN by OICR WebDev!"

Kyster Nanan
Project Manager, OMPRN

The Solution

The three main objectives of the project were addressed immediately at the top of the homepage, where links to browse and join OMPRN researchers, search research providers, and explore funding opportunities are prominently displayed. The content on the website is also dynamic and kept up-to-date; content editors are able to log in and update content such as funding opportunities or add new researchers seeking to join the network.

Looking more closely at the research providers search utility, we made it easy to search all service providers and their available services. Each research provider has a profile page with all the information a user needs to make a decision about whether the facility meets their needs. This pattern is also repeated for the network researcher profiles. For each of the three website objectives, we considered information hierarchy carefully and grouped content into logical categories to make it as easy as possible for researches to find the information they need. Lastly, we designed a consistent user interface that is consistent with the OICR brand.

The ultimate proof of the success however is in the results: we’ve had 30 molecular pathology researchers sign up, 17 funding opportunities posted totaling over 2.1 million, and 14 research providers across Ontario listed. The OMPRN is truly a central hub for molecular pathologists in Ontario, helping to quickly connect colleagues and enable collaboration.